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Saranamangala Marriage Proposals (Brides 1)

About 5’2” 1985 born slim pretty daughter with assets graduated and working in Australia holidaying in December B/G educated parents from Maharagama seek educated partner. palitha.1955@yahoo.com

Academically and professionally qualified Doctor or well employed son preferably living in UK below 36 yrs. from a respectable Govi Buddhist family is sought by professional parents in UK for MBBS FRCA daughter, UK educated, brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values, 32 yrs., 5’3”, fair and slim, dual citizen, Specialist Trainee Doctor in NHS. E-mail full details with horoscope and contact numbers. guna58@hotmail.co.uk

Academically and professionally qualified employed partner is sought by respectable well connected G/B parents from Colombo suburbs for 29 years slim 5’8” tall daughter professionally qualified Software Engineer, presently employed at a state organisation in USA for over five years educated at leading Girls School in Colombo and graduated inherits substantial assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. goldt@sltnet.lk

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by G/B mother for 1982 born 5’8” tall fair slim networking engineer daughter, working in New Zealand. Reply with horoscope details. proposal4321@hotmail.com

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by well established Sinhala G/K Buddhist parents living in Canada for their 22 years 5’4” very fair & pretty daughter brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. Completed her B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in IT at University of Toronto. Currently working for a reputed Company and starting her Masters soon. Reply with details including contact numbers and a copy of horoscope to nmprop2012@gmail.com

Academically and professionally qualified partner sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents residing in Australia for their well-mannered fair daughter brought up in Sri Lankan culture - 21 years, 5’8” studying pharmacy at prestigious university. Partner should be below 26 willing to migrate to Australia. Reply with family details to: daweera@hotmail.com

Academically and professionally qualified, partner willing to live in Australia is sought by respectable G/B parents living in Australia, for their daughter, graduate, medical professional, well employed, 28 yrs. old, 5’1” tall, slim and attractive, well mannered, brought up with Sri Lankan traditional values and culture. Reply with family details and copy of horoscope. Email : mangalah123@hotmail.com

Academically professionally or other qualified partner sought by B.G. parents from Colombo suburbs for their daughter 37, 5’3”, B.Sc., CIM and MBA qualified. If necessary willing to migrate after marriage. Tel. 0113065257.

Academically professionally qualified Doctor Engineer or Accountant son 35 - 40 working in UK and resident of UK sought by G/B mother resident of UK for Doctor daughter born studied and working in UK 5’3” 34. Reply with full details and horoscope. red100@hotmail.co.uk

Academically professionally qualified handsome, teetotaller, kind partner is sought by Buddhist Govigama parents from Galle for their slim pretty daughter, 32 years 5’5” in height with B.A. (Hons) degree, works in Government, unblemished character, brother BSc Engineer (Moratuwa University). She is willing to migrate if necessary. Please reply with full family details and the horoscope to mprop25@yahoo.com

Academically professionally qualified NS / TT son working in Sri Lanka or abroad is sought by Sinhala Buddhist respectable parents father from Kandy retired government servant mother from south house wife for our fair pleasant looking daughter with an unblemished character, passed A/L, nurse in a government hospital Colombo, 28+ , 5’1” kind hearted having a separate house closer to Colombo. Willing to migrate if necessary. Non malefic H/C. Caste immaterial. Please reply in Sinhala or English with H/C. Email: proposals1984sl@gmail.com

Academically professionally qualified well mannered partner is sought by SG/B parents public servants from Colombo suburbs for their elder daughter Assistant Lecturer, Veterinary Science Faculty, 29 yrs, 5’4’’, slim, fair, attractive. Reply with horoscope copy family details and contact numbers.

Academically / professionally qualified established partner sought for attractive accomplished daughter, Company Director and Lecturer 42, 5’1”, English essential. Differences considered. Write with full details. E-mail : mp6916@yahoo.com

Academically & professionally qualified partner above 5’9” sought by G/B parents for their fair pretty 28 yr. old professionally qualified Lecturer daughter with substantial assets. This includes valuable properties & house in Colombo. Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope & details. pri74sen@gmail.com

Academically / professionally qualified partner is sought by parents for Sinhala Buddhist CIMA qualified graduate daughter 31 y, 5’4” having Australian PR Visa and living in Melbourne. Email: proposals@yahoo.com

Accomplished Buddhist caring handsome son is sought for fair amiable academically and professionally qualified 24.10 Engineer daughter by well-connected Durawa parents with means. Reply with full details and date, time, place of birth or horoscope. E-mail: lokuduwa87@gmail.com

Affectionate, handsome partner, 33 - 45 yrs, for very highly academically professionally qualified tall, fair, very beautiful daughter working in Canada, sought by, affluent, professional, aristocratic, parents. Email Address: triplegemscanada@gmail.com

Affluent Govi/Catholic Australian citizen parents seek a partner for their daughter 29 years 5’3”. She is a Scholar with Business Systems and a Legal Solicitor equivalent, financially sound, professionally a Manager in a Mercantile Sector, Caste, religion immaterial, refer Australian New Zealand residents. partnerpropose@gmail.com or call +61 42 3043305.

An educated Bridegroom from good family expected for MBBS Pre-intern Doctor born 19.08.1985 @ 08.16 good looking 5’2” Sinhala Buddhist Karawa Engineer father. Call 011-4256099 after checking horoscope. lnpmpro@gmail.com

A Buddhist Karawa mother is seeking a partner for her daughter who is a MBBS qualified Doctor working overseas. Slim, pretty and 31 yrs. old, divorced from a short term marriage with no encumbrances. Contact email - egod225@gmail.com

A Sinhala Buddhist retired parents in respectable family living in Colombo seek an educationally professionally qualified son for their daughter 35 years qualified in University of Peradeniya (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). She is employed as a Dental Doctor in a Government Hospital. She draws a handsome salary and enjoys fringe benefits of the Department. Brothers and sisters living in Australia and Canada. Email : mahesh2h@yahoo.com Tel. 0113079892.

BK parents from Colombo seek a professionally qualified well-mannered son preferably living in Singapore and others accepted for their 28 yrs. 5’3” slim daughter. Completed International Diploma and Advanced Diploma in IT now currently studying for Diploma in Montessori (MMI). Email family details horoscope to piyum1d@hotmail.com

Buddhist Durawa, born in 1977 October 5’4” lawyer daughter. brother seeks suitable partner Email: menaka.wellahewa@gmail.com

Buddhist Govigama parents seek a suitable partner less than 27 years for their daughter. She is 5’6”, 22+ yrs, slim pretty and pleasant. She maintains her Sinhala Buddhist cultural roots even though she grew up in New Zealand. After studying a BSc in Biomedical Science she is completing her postgraduate in Australia. We are seeking for a professionally qualified well mannered and honest partner (preferably a Sri Lankan living in Australia / New Zealand). Please reply with family details nirma409@gmail.com

Buddhist Govi parents from Kandy living in London for 28 years seeks a suitable partner living and working in Uk for their pretty daughter, only child, working business management graduate, age 29, height 5’5”. Inherits substantial assets in Sri Lanka and UK. Email with a copy of horoscope to stbridge@sltnet.lk

Buddhist Govi Teacher parents seek honest educated son for Graduate daughter Government School Teacher 28 yrs., 5’2” slim fair divorced after a short marriage. Owns substantial property including car. TP 0112750113. Email jayaram113@gmail.com

Buddhist parents seek a partner for their daughter ownes a house 29, 5’6” fair slim teacher. Caste immaterial. Non-Buddhist with religious tolarance may be considered. dorapartner@yahoo.com

Buddhist pretty daughter age 32 applying for student visa to Australia owns assets including house. Divorced. No children partner preferably from Australia. Others also welcome. marriagepartner@live.com

Buddhist professional parents from California, seek kind educated partner from a respectable family for daughter, born August 1977, educated in Colombo, CIMA qualified, attractive, well mannered managing director of the family plantation, will inherit substantial property in Sri Lanka and funds in US Dollars. She is eligible for migration in the future. caprop2012@gmail.com

Buddhist, KG, Lawyer father seeks for a well mannered professionally qualified son for his daughter. She is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, B.Sc. (IT), 5’4”, 31 yrs., brother - Lawyer sister - Accountant inherits valuable properties. Reply with horoscope and family details. Contact upetha@rcapl.com

B/G Colombo suburb parents seek suitable partner for their youngest daughter 30 yrs. 5’6” height old Visakian graduate international school teacher inherits substantial assets.Malefic horoscope. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email : sarathagm@yahoo.com

B/G respectable parents closer to Colombo seek very smart kind hearted N/S T/T professional qualified Engineer IT Professional accountant doctor preferred partner their professionally qualified IT / CIMA MBA (final) very pretty fair extremely kind hearted age 29+ height 5’2” English speaking religious minded very well brought up working as business and cost analyst in a multinational firm in Colombo, father highly qualified Engineer she will inherit about Rs. 30 million assets car and she is a Director of father’s companies. Only those who are willing to reside in Sri Lanka with malefic horoscope may write with family details.

B/G respectable parents from Colombo suburbs seek academically professionally qualified caring decent son with good values for professionally academically qualified pleasant fair attractive daughter 29 yrs, 5’5’’, Software Engineer with considerable assets. (only child), Ravi 7, Kuja Sikuru 6. Reply with horoscope. eprop111@gmail.com

B/K parents seek a kind hearted son with true Buddhist values for 31 year old fair, pretty religious daughter well brought up with Sinhalese values. She is an Australian PR holder, academically and professionally qualified and working in Australia. She will inherit substantial assets. Please reply with horoscope and family details in the first letter. proposalsaus@yahoo.com.au

Catholic parents living in Canada seek academically and professionally qualified partner for their pretty daughter 33, 5’5” professionally and well employed, prefer from Canada or U.S.A. Please reply with full details. Email : canprop16@hotmail.com

Christian Sinhalese parents seek an academically & professionally qualified, well employed Sinhala Christian partner for their fair and pretty daughter age 26, height 5’4”, a qualified Engineer in Electrical and Electronics employed in one of a leading IT companies in Colombo and is currently reading for her Masters Degree in Business Administration at the University of Moratuwa. We are a well to do business family residing in Colombo. Horoscope immaterial. Write to ssad52@gmail.com

Close to Colombo Govi Buddhist employed, mother seeks suitable educated, well mannered partner (son), for her fair pretty daughter, aged 25 yrs, height 5’2’’ with CIMA qualified, BCom Management degree holder, Graduate Executive in private sector, reputed company. Reply with copy of horoscope. Saranamangala30320

Colombo Buddhist respectable K/G parents seek a professionally qualified sincere partner below 31 years for our elder daughter 26+ years old, 5’2” pleasant, with sober habits. She was employed in a private bank, CIMA Finalist educated at a leading school in Colombo. Horoscopes matching Kuja 8 position may reply with a copy of the horoscope and family details. Email : ranjiths@mychemist.lk Tel: 0112806474.

Colombo close by Buddhist Govi mother seeks a virtuas partner for her managemnet Accountancy graduate pretty well mannered daughter resides and employed in Australia with own brother aged 28, 5’4” horoscope needed. proposalm2012@yahoo.com

Colombo suburbs respectable G/B parents seek academically / professionally qualified partner with sober habits for their 28, 5’4 1/2” pretty slim daughter citizen of Australia presently employed as a graduate Accountant there. Australian citizenship or PR holders preferred. Please respond with horoscope and family details. Tel: 011 2855117. E-mail: lalrupa@gmail.com

Educated partner (Christian / Catholic) is sought for Govi / Christian, charming Lady Doctor (MBBS) of 30 years 5’4”. She is presently working in a Government Hospital. She had her education at a leading girls’ school in Colombo and has no family encumbrances. Also, she will inherit a substantial wealth from her well-to-do parents. godwilling6677@gmail.com

Father Buddhist mother Catholic parents living Sydney seek for attractive professionally qualified with a kind caring & charming brought-up with Sri Lankan values daughter, she is 33 years old & Manager in a private company. Reply with family details & horoscope. dilanka26@live.com

Galle G/B parents seek academically / professionally qualified partner for daughter 33 - 5’3” pleasant looking B.Sc Engineer PhD Australia University Senior Lecturer in Sri Lanka. Contact with details. 0912244260. mkproposal2011@gmail.com

Good looking divorced lady 46 years age prematurely retired from government service have only a daughter of 17 years own one house and car looking for a partner over 50 years old and prefered foreigners please. Contact: 011 2625149. E-mail: wineetha.hewage@gmail.com

Govi Buddhist Australian resident parents are looking for a partner for their 28 yrs old professional daughter from a similar background preferably from families living in Australia. Please reply with a copy of horoscope and family details. Email address: mangalayojana2012@yahoo.com.au

Govi Buddhist mother seeks a suitable partner for younger daughter, brought-up with Sinhala Buddhist values, academically and professionally qualified in Accounting, born 1979, 5’. Please reply with horoscope and family details. cj_liyanage@yahoo.com

G/B employed 52 y. from a respectable family seeks a suitable smart partner for marriage. iar8570@yahoo.com

G/B parents seek partner for multi qualified professional daughter 34 divorced, no children, reading for PhD in Australia. Possesses PR and substantial wealth. Mail: daught2000@hotmail.com with horoscope.

G/K, Buddhist, professional parents living in USA seek well educated honest partner for their pretty 5’6” US citizen 29 yr old daughter. She is working as an Engineer in USA. Please reply with horoscope. Email - padmi123@hotmail.com

Kalutara District close to town Bodu / Govi parents retired from Govt. Service owners of a reputed company seek for daughter 27 years 5’3” fair pleasant completed a Management degree and earning a high salary as a Company Directress entitled to substantial assets a respectable doctor Engineer Accountant & similarly employed partner of the same caste or a businessman. Persons should be compatible to Kuja 7 and Denata Nekatha. Please reply with copy of horoscope or email gr95363@gmail.com

Kandy B/G Parents seek their 31 5’3” very pretty, fair, slim BA, Reading MA. Working as a teacher find academically and professionally qualified son. Reply family detail and horoscope. smpro1000@yahoo.com

Kandy B/G retired state bank higher officer seeks partner for fair, slim, pretty daughter 29 yrs 5’ employed in a state bank fluent in English Banking exams completed engaged in further studies. Reply with family details and horoscope. Tel 081-2219014 call after 7p.m. palitha52@gmail.com

Moor respectable family from the Eastern Province settled partly in Colombo and in the UK seeks religious, qualified good natured, caring partner working in Sri Lanka or studying overseas, for an early marriage to their religious, Colombo educated, fair, slim, height 5’3”, pretty daughter born in 1982 with considerable family inherited assets. Divorced after 2 months without encumbrances. Please contact with details salam2891@gmail.com

Moor respectable parents from Kandy area seek for their youngest beautiful, slim, religious daughter 26 professionally qualified, teaching, a qualified Muslim religious professional groom working here or abroad Insha Allah for early marriage. Our daughter inherits substantial asset. All correspondence and information will be strictly in confidence. Call - 0812352198. Email - propgam1234@gmail.com

Mother in Colombo suburbs seeks sober habits, caring partner between 40 - 46 years for a slim daughter of 40 years 5’1” divorced for couple of years with a daughter, working in a private company. Reply in English / Sinhala with family details and a copy of horoscope. proposal197266@gmail.com

Muslim parents seek professionally qualified partner for 32 years 5’3” fair slim daughter, qualified Accountant working in a reputed firm. E-mail to fowziya6@yahoo.com 0113042906.

Parents are seeking a suitable professional for their 35 year graduate daughter living in the UK. Contact: aluth45@hotmail.co.uk

Parents from respectable family seek a suitable partner G/B kind professionally qualified more than 5’7” height T/T son for our very pretty slim, kind charming and professionally qualified 31+, daughter working in Australia. She inherits assets. She will visit Sri Lanka in December for holiday younger sister is also an Engineer. Email - wijaya4492@gmail.com

Practicing Muslim parents living out of Sri Lanka seek a professionally qualified partner for their 24 old daughter. Our daughter is a permanent residence in the country we reside in at present. She studied in a leading Girls School in Colombo before we moved over seas. She graduated from Uni a few months ago and is in the midst of completing her Post-Grad studies. Please forward details to mra25255@gmail.com


Saranamangala Marriage Proposals (Brides 2)

Professionally academically qualified partner with sober habits below 47 yrs. sought by G/B Co. sub. retired parents for only Dr. (Ph.D) daughter with Postdoctoral qualifications, holding prestigious positions in the Govt. sector. She is v.fair slim 5’4” extremely pretty with a pleasing personality divorced after brief marriage. Doctors Engineers preferred. Respond with horoscope. 0113173898 pink.prop@yahoo.com

Professional parents B/K seek qualified son (Forces welcome) below 34 for their well brought up pretty slim daughter with assets, 27, 5’4”, M.B.A. qualified in the UK now working in Sri Lanka. Reply with H/C Email : tdipropo@gmail.com

RC parents seek Catholic partner for employed daughter 31 yrs 5’7’’. Gifted with property and cash. wwblsfernando@sltnet.lk

RC/B parents seek a suitable partner for 40 yrs, 5’3”, fair and attractive daughter, graduate Govt. employee. Never married. Even legally divorced considered. Owns a house & land. Horoscope essential. E-mail: prophnm@gmail.com

Respectable Buddhist parents from Colombo suburb seek academically / professionally qualified suitable partner for their pretty slim daughter 24 years, 5’3” educated at a leading girls’ school in Colombo and with an Australian Degree employed in a leading commercial bank in Sri Lanka. Inherits assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: jpcrlrm@gmail.com

Respectable Buddhist parents from Colombo suburb seek academically / professionally qualified suitable partner preferably living / employed in UK for their pretty, fair slim daughter employed in UK, 30 years, 5’2” educated at a leading girls school in Colombo and with MSc and PhD from leading Universities in UK. Inherits assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: rcpjaim@gmail.com

Respectful Moor parents seeking academically and professionally qualified partner below 30 years for their daughter 26, well educated and religious. Please send your details.

Retired professional Govi Buddhist parents seek academically and professionally qualified partner between 35 and 38 for their professionally and academically qualified daughter who is an Australian citizen. Currently she is working for a prestigious financial institution as an Analyst. She is 5’3” in height, slim, attractive and values Buddhist culture. She will be visiting Sri Lanka in December this year. Those who are living in Australia or willing to relocate in Australia are preferred. Please reply with your contact number and horoscope details. Email : melbproposal76@gmail.com

Sinhala Buddhist parents domiciled in Australia seek a partner for their University educated daughter in her late twenties. She is fair with pleasant features and of medium build. We are looking for an academically or professionally qualified son who has been brought up and educated in Australia or NZ. Please send full family details to email: lanka@live.com.au

Sinhala Catholic parents living in Canada seek a suitable partner for their daughter, fair in complexion age 24 years, height 5’4” She is a simple and kind hearted, maintains her Sinhala cultural roots even though she grew up in Canada. She holds a BSc. degree from University of Toronto and working for a reputed company in Canada, pursuing her career in Accountancy. Reply with family details to proposal@homemail.com

Uncle seeks suitable partner for niece born in 1975, Specialist Medical Officer residing in Melbourne. She is very pretty, height 5’5” Sinhala Catholic. Both parents are professionals. Karawa caste suitable handsome professional partner born between 1973 - 1975 and prepared to settle down in Melbourne is considered. Caste immaterial. fscpl@yahoo.com

Upcountry family looking kind caring Sinhala, Buddhist, medical or legal professional, age 65 to 70 for their relative, pretty, professional, kind hearted lady with substantial wealth, living in UK. Reply with full details. palipana2010@yahoo.co.uk


Saranamangala Marriage Proposals (Brides 3)

Academically and professionally qualified employed partner is sought by respectable well connected G/B parents from Colombo suburbs for 29 years slim 5’8” tall daughter professionally qualified Software Engineer, presently employed at a state organisation in USA for over five years educated at leading Girls School in Colombo and graduated inherits substantial assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. goldt@sltnet.lk

Academically and professionally qualified honest partner around 40 is sought by BKG parents from Kotte for only daughter born 1977 5’1” qualified Executive in an International Bank in Colombo owns upstair house, modern vehicle. Brother professional USA citizen.

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by B/G parents living in Colombo for their academically and professionally qualified daughter. Height 5’1” Born in December 1983. Working as an Officer in a reputed Bank in Colombo. Malefic horoscope (Rahu 7th Shani 12th). Reply with details and a copy of horoscope to mp2012sep@gmail.com

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by K/G/B Colombo suburb parents for their 29+ pretty UK educated PhD ( Science) daughter working as a Consultant in a leading multinational company in London. Reply with family details and horoscope copy. jaya_lc@hotmail.co.uk

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by respectable Sinhala G/B parents in Kandy for their 24, 5’2” pleasant well mannered daughter with an excellent charactor educated in leading school in Kandy graduated with Hons degree in science (U.S.A) elder daughter married to a Srilankan engineer resident in the U.S.A proposed daughter possesses a modern house, vehicle and other assets father government doctor seeks doctor or equivalent write with horoscope rahu, sikkuru in the 7th house 7 nekatha.

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by Govi Buddhist Kandyan professional parents living in the UK for their slim pretty daughter, 28+ years old 5’3” height, brought up with Sinhalese, Buddhist values in the UK. She is MRCP qualified MBBS doctor working for the NHS. Kuja, Shani in Seventh house. Please reply with family details and horoscope. subasiri84@yahoo.com - srima2000@yahoo.com.uk

Academically and professionally qualified, honest and caring partner living in UK is sought by SBG parents for their daughter. She is born and raised in UK, 33 years of age, fair, attractive, well mannered and graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. She is well accomplished, has chosen teaching profession, and owns a comfortable house in London. Reply with family details, horoscope and contact No. Email : rvfree321@yahoo.com

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by G/B parents for their professionally qualified daughter 28, 5’3”. Reply with horoscope and family details. hms9076@gmail.com

Academically professionally qualified tall handsome kind partner below 30 years from a respectable family is sought by professional Buddhist Govigama parents for their slim pretty charming daughter, 27 years 5’7” in height Degree in Accounting Finance Econ (Hons), works for a reputed organsiation in Australia She is an Australian citizen inherits substantial assets. Please reply with full family details and the horoscope to ranji1950@gmail.com

Academically qualified partner below 36 yrs. is sought by S/B mother for her graduate daughter 32 yrs. 5’2” currently studying for London LLB respond with family details and horoscope (malefic). Email: proposal2575@yahoo.com

Academically / professionally qualified partner is sought by G/B parents living in USA for their well accomplished, 5’7”, slim, attractive, 32 year daughter who is an MBA graduate employed as an Accountant. Partner should be tall, well mannered with sober habits, and living in USA. Please reply with family details. to indrad22@ymail.com

Academically / professionally qualified, well established partner with good family background is sought by G/B well established business parents from Colombo suburb for their pretty, fair daughter 22 years, 5’2” educated at a leading international school in Colombo, holding a BSc - Accountancy degree from Australian university. She will inherit valuable assets. Reply with full family details, horoscope and contact numbers. marriage909@gmail.com

Accomplish suitable partner sought by G/B parents for well educated, v. pretty and younger looking daughter 47 in UK. Reply with H/c and contact Nos - marriagekandy@ymail.com

Affluent BG parents Colombo seek suitable partner for well-educated (MBA / CIMA) smart daughter Banker born 1973, height 5’1” permanently employed & residing in Australia owns valuable assets including house visiting Sri Lanka for short holiday. Apply with horoscope. T: 0114801291 - mpsldd@yahoo.com

Age 36 G/B from Kandy. A pleasant, simple and younger looking daughter. Studied in a leading girls school in Kandy. Qualified teacher in speech & Drama (London) and Pre- School. Currently conducts her own Elocution classes. Only brother Trinitian, married and working abroad. Father was a Post-master. Mother seeks a kind hearted; educated partner. Prefers to go abroad. Differences immaterial. Please respond with horoscope and family details. samitak93@gmail.com

An academic or professional partner is sought by Sinahalese parents residing in Australia for their fair very pretty professionally qualified daughter 37 years 5’2”, divorced after very brief marriage, innocent party. 0112581002. lanka1234@hotmail.com

An educated respectable Bodu Govi family seeks an academically and professionally qualified son who loves family life and respects Sinhala Buddhist values from a similar background and who would live in the UK for the next few years for their daughter highly qualified very pretty fair slim 5’3” 34 yrs. having unblemished character Lecturer in a prestigious UK University possesses substantial assets here and in the UK. She has a pleasing personality and respects Sinhala Buddhist way of life. Parents please apply with full family details and copy of horoscope. Email: mprop63@yahoo.com

A kind partner is sought by sister for her elder sister, teacher innocent very kind and pleasant looking, height 5’5” 44 yrs. divorced (One child). Prefer to settle down abroad. (No encumbrances). (Replies any other countries also). proposal212@gmail.com

A qualified son with cultured values connected to Australia sought by G/B parents residing Colombo suburbs for their well mannered pretty daughter 25+, 5’2” studying I.T in Melbourne staying with aunt. Inherits millions of properties.

Buddhist Govi retired Administrative Officer father seeks a well employed / well established businessman son between 40 - 45 of age for his very pretty teacher daughter presently working in an international school in Dubai. 011-3108161. email: propos222@gmail.com

Buddhist parents looking for suitable partner for 26 y daughter slim pretty bank employee. Email horoscope to: pri_aponso@yahoo.com Telephone 2649615.

Buddhist S/G parents seek for their only daughter, 37, 5’3”, pretty slim, MA graduate completing an MBA, working in prestigious company, a smart, well-educated son, fluent in English from similar background. She is willing to migrate if necessary. Non-smoker and teetotaller preferred. nisala.03@gmail.com

Bud/Ka/Gov parents eldest daughter 1986 June, 5’2” B.Sc / M.Sc qualified presently working Consultant / Lecturer clinical psychologist looking for partner. NA/NS Doctor Engineer. Reply with horoscope. propo.ran@gmail.com

B/G parents from Colombo suburbs seek educated partner for only daughter 32+ teaching ICT and completing BIT Degree height 5’4” non-malefic horoscope. Owns fully furnished modern upstair house and cash in fixed deposits.

B/G parents from Colombo, seek a suitable partner for their fair slim daughter, with charming personality (born in 1979 July) height 5’ 6 1/2” academically and professionally qualified, working for Dubai Government as a Foodsafety Officer. Reply with horoscope. Email: rathnalekha@yahoo.com

B/G parents seek an academically and professionally qualified partner, preferbaly a US citizen / PR holder or who is studying or working at present in USA or someone residing in Australia or Sri Lanka for their attractive daughter, 28, 5’3”. She has a degree in BSc. Accounting and currently pursuing an MBA in USA. Please reply with family details, horoscope and contact number. e-mail: propo_m@yahoo.com

Saranamangala Marriage Proposals (Grooms)

Academically or professionally qualified slim pretty well mannered partner is sought by Govi catholic mother from Colombo for their qualified son, educated in a leading school in Colombo with an excellent character.he just turned 31 in Oct. He is 6’ 1’’, Handsome, none smoker,residing in Canada and is a Canadian pr holder. Pls send details by e-mail to : swpr2012@yahoo.com.

Academically / professionally qualified daughter below 27 yr, sought by B/K parents, father high standing professional, for their son, only child 31 yrs. NS/TT/ Masters Degree from top 10 UK University and employed in London. Intends to settle in SL and stands to own assets including properties in Colombo city worth Rs. 100 million. Prefer a daughter willing to reside in London for few years. tdwinproposal@gmail.com OG-30750, C/o Sunday Observer Lake House, Colombo.

Affluent Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo seek a pleasant, educated partner from a respectable family for their 30 year old, 6 ft. tall smart son. He was educated in the UK and possess B.Sc. and Masters Degrees. Currently employed in a Multinational Company as a Business Development Manager in the UK. Non-smoker, teetotaller. Please reply with family details, copy of horoscope and contact details. E-mail: colombo8285@yahoo.com

An educated, fair, pretty, well mannered daughter with a non-malefic horoscope is sought by Colombo suburb B/G parents for their BCS Graduate handsome son, 25, 5’6”, Computer Software Technical Lead of a reputed Company in Colombo. Email mprop1987@yahoo.com

Buddhist Karawa parents seek a pretty, educated partner who likes to reside abroad for their son of 32 yrs. 5’9” in height, resident in Switzerland and legally separated from first marriage (plaintiff party) holding MSc / BSc and an Executive Officer in a high post. Write with copy of horoscope and all details. 0112622521. chachuma@gmail.com

Buddhist/Karawa parents from South seek a fair, beautiful, kind and well mannered bride for their youngest son, Engineer, 29 years, six feet tall, non-smoker and teetotaller, presently employed as the IT - QA Engineer in a reputed International Software Company, holds BSc Engineering (Hons) degree, drawing a very good salary, owns car. Please reply with family details and horoscope. T/ phone: 091 2258231.

B/G parents in Sri Lanka seek graduated well mannered pretty fair daughter below 29y willing to migrate or currently living UK. Son working in London, Research & Development Engineer, 29y 5’4” fair handsome NS-TT. Horoscope with Kuja-1. Reply with horoscope, family details. withanageew@gmail.com 0112571903.

B/G parents living abroad, seek a slim pretty daughter for academically and professionally qualified employed Engineer son, smart, 5’7” 26 yrs. N/S T/T currently reading for Masters. Kuja in 7th House. Please reply with horoscope and family details to proposalsfor2012@gmail.com

B/G professional parents in Australia seek pleasant caring educated daughter with good character Sinhala Buddhist values for their son MBBS Doctor 26 non-smoker with sober habits excellent character 5’7” completed A/L in Colombo School. Caste immaterial. Will be in Sri Lanka in January. Send full details and horoscope. Email : propson86@hotmail.com

Colombo close by mother seeks a pretty Doctor or Engineer daughter with an unblemished character for her Electrical Engineer son aged 26, height 5’10” resides in Australia inherits property and will return to Sri Lanka in December. Horoscope needed. Email - proposalm2012@yahoo.com

Father invites independent honest partner for educated professional senior manager son employed in Colombo 38 years, 6 footer, divorced differences immaterial. Overseas replies welcome. mihiran@financier.com

Father Sinhala Govigama Buddhist with an excellent background seeks an attractive capable partner 22-26 years for his lovely son 28 years old 5’4” tall very smart presentable fair complexion living in UK, caste creed wealth immaterial, but a nice homely girl with a good sense of humour would be ideal. All correspondence strictly confidential. Please write with phone or email ckw@btopenworld.com will be in Sri Lanka 19th-24th October Emails will only be responded once back in UK.

Govi/ Buddhist Kandyan, respectable mather (Decd, father was a Bank Manager) seeks academically/ professionally qualified, slim pretty daughter below 25 yrs 5’4” height approx, who is willing to continue highest studies, for their only son 26 yrs old 5’8” graduated in Computer Science and continuing studies Software Engineering in Australia. Only sister marred, currently pursuing her PHD in NZ. Reply with horoscope family details and contact numbers. Email: rjnik55@gmail.com

Kandyan, Govi, Buddhist reputed business parents from Kandy seek an educated, fair, pretty and cultured daughter from a respectable family for their son, 28yrs, 5’10”, fair and handsome. Holds a BSc and MSc from UK. Employed in UK as a Soft Wear Engineer in a reputed company. Owns voluble assets in and around Kandy. Partner of family business. Reply with family details and horoscope. E-mail: groomw1983@gmail.com

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Sinhala G/B 46 5’5’’ divorcee no encumbrances. Lives at Dehiwala, owns luxury house / car. Well established Artist / Author / Lecturer. Love to explore new places, eat, laugh, sleep, listen to music, dance and watch movies. My expectations are to lead a simple and peaceful life with my life partner. 011 2719156. artistlankan@gmail.com

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